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Senior Check Out Day, Grad-Practice!

OH wow..'' so this is how you feel, once you re out of school.. well.. for me actually not any different'' but apparently all the others are super excited and everybody tells his own little story how they realized.. that they will never be a high school student again'' well'' i have a 3 week summer break, then i guess 4 weeks of school in germany and then 6 weeks summer break and hopefully i will succeed in 12 grade to be able to graduate "again" in 1 1/2 years... when i tell the people this .. they all think that this is soooo weird.. for me to go back to school after graduating:D and that they think "it sucks, to not get any credit at all for that year" .. but well..i think i got so much out of it.. it really is a lot, although i might not be able to tell you guys what specifically but i just feel proud to have mastered "my year" without BIG complications! it definatly gives me a rush of self confidence!

Oh well'' were to begin?? Friday morning?? this amazing feeling: YEHA last time to get up at 6 in the morning for a long time:D .. or .. sitting in the car with sarah.. (of cause both of us dressed up for the last day -- pictures!) in an incredible good mood with loooooooooooooud music in the car and sunshine upon us! YEayyy...
biology final.. probably i screwed up.. i dunno, i don't care'' should still be passed'' i was all gone with my thoughts'' the rest of the class was watching shreck 2''' :D
after first period seniors had to run from teacher to teacher to get signatures ( that they gave back all the books and stuff..) but i had done that early so i could go off with Chris, Chat and a friend of them to get a milchshake at sonics (something i loooooove about here:D) we came back at 10 something right in time for the assembly to start! the whole school gathered in the gym, the principle delivered a short speech and than they had a senior picture slide show! A last time we did "THE BEAK" (school cheer) and after that seniors ran out the gym'' chatting and taking pictures in front of it ( some had to dry their tears) and then we had to stand in line for ever!! to get the very last signature and our cap and gowns!
Though we hung out at school for like ever'' until we (kelly, tara, caro, cindy chris, i ) took off to bill's house where we hung out until we went to the park'' it was kind of boring though as tara and kelli are being kind of akward towards me.. don't know what i ve done wrong but '' you never know with those guys''
yah. at 5 i was at home and fell asleep very early''
anders is home the very last time this weekend.. i ll assumably not see him again before i leave so that's kind of weird again.. .
we all had breakfast outside and than sarah and paige picked me up to go to... *yeahh the mall:D * to look for a dress for graduation:D
oh jeez they have such an amazing huge choice! i had a hard time picking one, but the one i got for a good price .. i m in love with it:D as well as with those inexpensive shoes i found:D yeah.. i m getting rid of my last few dollars''
At 2.30 we had to be at the clune arena on base for the graduation practice! It went pretty smooth and i am soooo excited for the BIG DAY! tuesday! it's gonna look so cool! all seniors in green and blue gowns, we sit in the middle of that arena (think it's the basketball stadium were i once went with kyle before) and walk down the aisles!
Again, at 5 i was back home and tonight i "took care of the kids" but it was fun''
i even was able to get aidan to bed :D he picked out a book and as i figured out after a while''' it was not english -- it was a dutch book:D but yeah what ever:D i tried to read dutch to him:D although i have no idea how.. afte like 5 minutes i asked him whether he understood a word and he said no... so well i almost burst out laughing but still kept going.. and he just turned to the side and fell asleep:D
yeyyy for dutch:D

so maybe i ll go out now or i ll be lazy.. haven't quite decided yet:D
i ll upload some pictures though of the last day of high school:D

it feels so good to know i ll be able to embrace you all very soon---12 days and a bunch of hours
ohh i miss and love you SO MUCH!

All the best
20.5.07 05:22

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