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time goes by way to fast...

60 Days 23 Hours 55 minutes...
yeah ok i admit it.. i am bored to death'' the last three days have been kind of sad.. i tried really hard to find people to do stuff but it really is disappointing.. we start out making plans, i get all excited about it and than .. a few minutes before we were going to meet.. they cancel it again..
like today we wanted to go bowling or stuff .. after long trying i finally reached joey.. his plans had changed.. he was in the mall with his mom buying suit for prom'' (i have to do that to! accessory.. i take the same dress i took for prom'') well.. so i called tera to find out what happened to the plan to go to denver , rocky horror picture show.. oh she's so sorry.. she and kelly are still working on that school project due monday.. we ll see each other on monday in weights'', i called sarah.. got her sis on the phone .. she d tell sarah to call me back.. no call.. i called chris to go and play tennis as long as there was still light.. he was out for dinner but when he d be back he d like to.. well called at seven, was almost dark and freakin cold outside.. that was today''
at ten in the morning my valerie woke me up.. we have to be out of the house in 50 minutes'' there d be a showing.. quick awakening and vacuuming.. we went for brunch to super salad.. buffet bar all you can eat''''' than we still had about 2 hours. we went to a huge library.. pretty awesome.. i found "le petit prince" which my french class in germany is reading right now.. so i read that, too.. kind of weird. haven't had any french class since december and other than talking a little bit to the french/swiss girl in california.. and reading some french chapters in my old book .. i didnt do anything''... i miss talking french a lot.. so later when i was home i watched a movie in french.. what made me feel little bit better and more prepared for coming home.. with the french subtitle i acutally understood quite a lot.. they just talk sooo quickly''
so well my hostfam had friends over for dinner. so we had a bunch of food again.. and i was hanging out in my room.. woke kaddy up, when i called her midnight your time'' got a prompt note from val.. whether i think it's ok to use the phone for so long in the afternoon.. grmlz was only 45 minutes or so' haven't talked to her in almost half a year!
so well i am still bored.. and not tired at all'' how should i if i didn't use any energy today''
hopefully krissi and i ll meet up in the mall tomorrow to go shopping for prom.. if not i ll have not been doing stuff with people in my age since 5 days'' i am almost looking forward to school start again'' to tennis practice although i m kind of nervous to be out of shape after two weeks of doing nothing''

oh yeha and this morning i got a letter from my orga, i have to confirm my flight blabla until.. well they are funny'' send the paper from last year'' have to confirm and send paper work back to office until 16 of march 2006 '' to bad that i got the letter on march 31 2007 '' so guess i ll really have to figure out what i m gonna do during that last week.. when my hostfamily moves and i have to find a place to stay pretty much by myself... i don't think the staying part is the problem.. but the 2 hour for one way drive to bring me to the airport might be one'' hm i m kind of sad if i think of how the whole leaving the states think seems to turn out..
tomorrow... today.. well probably in a few hours'' for you its already wake up time'' .. andy moves out... it is so weird to imagine him not living at home anymore when i come back.. but there are gonna be so many things that have changed in those 10 months.. guess that coming home is gonna be kind of a new start AGAIN.. i ll get flexible and adaptable through that'' well it's really not the time to get homesick now.. althoug i read a bunch of amazingly sweet emails and letters (from christmas ) by cleaning up my online mail box.. it's only 60 days'' it's like i wrote yesterday-- the countdown begins , 100 days'' .. that's gonna be soo quick and there s so much going on.. but i m definetly slowly getting ready to go home.. and ya well...

love you!
and i wish you all the best andy you still have to send me your new adress remember the post card
1.4.07 09:29

YEHA Tennis:D

back to school.. und meine stimmung steigt*g* war hart gestern aufzustehen aber so ists ja immer am ersten schultag nach ferien'' Es ist toll.. durch den Schulhallway zu laufen und einfach.. viele leute zu kennen... so viele die mich nach Cali gefragt haben und einfach nur bisserl small talk.. wenn ich daran denke, wie ich vorallem das erste semester nie wusste, was ich waehrend seminarpause oder vor unterricht machen sollte.. bin da immer in der library oder im PC pod gelandet.. Das ist jetzt schon irgendwie toll*g* und vorallem hab ich n date fuer prom und das ist das tollste*gggg*

JEdenfalls'' mal wieder etwas sidetracked sei" haben wir gestern in tennis unsere uniformen bekommen dunkel blaue tennis rock-hose mit taschen fuer baelle und weisses (dummer weise ziemlich transparentes'') shirt mit dunkelblauen akzenten an der seite, von Prince .. sieht ziemlich flott aus, mir gefaellts*g* und vor allem ists ein gutes gefuehl in der schule rumzulaufen, alle tennis spieler in ihren uniformen den ganzen Tag lang, und dann wuenschen einem Freunde oder leutz aus anderen sportteams nochmal "good luck for your game" und ahhh das hat auch wirklich was geholfen heute

eigtl haette ja nur JV gespielt, aber da die auch n paar dabei hatten die so zwischen JV und Varsety 2 stehen, durften ein paar V2 leuts von uns auch spielen so Cathrina und ich im Double Es hat so heftig spass gemacht, auch wenn uns der wind fast weggefegt hat und wir boes gefrohren haben'' ..
aber.. wie sollte es auch nicht spass machen, wenn man 8 zu 1 gewinnt*g*
ahh happy sei** sonst verlier ich immer bei matches und jetzt hab ich doch echt mal was gewonnen
ja das wars auch schon'' hab heute die karten gekauft fuers musical am Freitag! "Crazy for you" Die Leutz haben seit Dezember geprobt und unheimlich viel arbeit und Zeit darein gesteckt! bin wirklich gespannt, zumal Kelly eine der wichtgen Charactaere spielt/singt
4.4.07 01:02

High school musical and an other early night at home in america''

HEy hey here i am again'' happy that i can still move my fingers.. it is so freaking cold out.. you really don't want to be here right now'' tank tops back into the last row of the dresser and all the hoodies that actually were already on their way into the suitcase back out''
Most of the practices after school were cancelled, as well as the meets.. can you imagine how cold it is??

finally week end, finally friday night, musical night, "Crazy for you" at Pine Creek! Had bought tickets for Valerie, Bianca and me, all of a sudden bianca changed her mind and didn't wanna go with us anymore'' so it was just val et moi... saw a bunch of people i wanted to talk to.. but well.. it would be kind of rude to leave her on her own.. now that bianca wasn't there ''so the musical was pretty amazing! Tap dance, beautiful costumes and most of the actors had nice voices!
when we came out it was super slippery and icy.. hope we ll be able to drive tomorrow i just have to get to the mall somehow.. even if i don't find sb to go with.. and i hate shopping by myself.. and i really have to go out with friends tomorrow night or i .. well don't know.. would be very very bad to stay at home''

again at home by 10 tonight.. hyper from the musical music.. even worse after listening to footloose and dirty dancing on youtube.. guys i miss you so so so soooo much.... and going out and do stuff.. don't want to complain anymore.. just got clear about how much i complain.. that's really not the right thing to do.. should be happy to be here''.. it s just about time to go home.. could not imagine living here 4 ever....there's just not enough stuff to to other than school and sport... no wonder that so many kids do drugs here'' which really is a lot as far as i heard!

oufff... two more months.. no less than that'' those are gonna be awsome.. but if you think.. it could be sooo much better if you could combine the good things from here and the good things from home.. but well.. why go somewhere else if you want it to be the same.. wouldn't make sense and i definetly apreciate the freedom we have at home a lot more now''

just a though i have before going to my room now.. at 11.30h.. and well.. watch another Dvd ??'''' or read or sleep.. ouff....friday night..ah i better shut up'
good night
happy eastern everyone
love and miss U
7.4.07 07:22

Eastern a la USA and Senior Breakfast

Hi my loves monday night, that was some looong long day'' and i still got a bunch of school stuff to to, thus i try to keep it short.
Since christmas you could buy easterstuff at walmart'' means huge stuffed animals, decoration and everything.. from pen to diapers with bunny pattern on them.
Saturday i finally got to the mall, with cathrina's help i found a pair of shoes, a bag and a little present for joey for prom. As well i bought 3 little chocolate bunnies for the kids..
Sunday morning it got loud in the hous at 9.. the kids were playing and val shouting so i woke up'' we had a good breakfast.. muffins, eggs, hamm and some fruit. After breakfast the kids and i had to go into the office.. while valerie and anders were hiding faked plastic eggs filled with one super small chocolate egg somerwhere in the upper level of the house (it was way to cold outside'' and white and snowy)
so wuhu we looked for the eggs. ate the chocolate and then my hostfam drove to the airport to drop anders of while i was doing school stuff at home.
in the afternoon we were invited to chris's to brinner.. breakfast for dinner'' was quite nice..
this morning all seniors were excused from school. We met in a Hotel at 10 in the morning had breakfast and listened to a choir group perform and some speaches. Then one senior after the other got up the stage and got caped (put the senior hat on their head) by someone they had chosen.. mostly those chosen ones were the mum or dad , in my case it was sarah. And a teacher would read out a paper that we had written before, why we had chosen that particular person to cap us. Well you were on the stage for about 30 seconds and than had to give the head back again'' we won't get ours until senior check out day''
it was not that exciting'' took 4ever'' by 12.30pm it was over.. Sarah and Ashley dropped me off at school, i went to last period and then to tennis, we had a match against air academy.. i got a partner who plays even worse than i do.. so well .. no big surprise we lost'' guess the only ones that lost of the whole team.. came home at 7.30pm and now have to work on my 5 page paper for history, due tomorrow.. grrr
and i m sooo tired and got a headache''

10.4.07 04:05

Countdown -- noch 50 tage

wollte das nur mal festhalten(*g*g* wie schnell die zeit umgeht'')
und ganz nebenbei geht da draussen gerade die Welt unter''
wie ja prophezeit wurde, (snowstorm, 1 foot of snow..) hat es heute morgen um 11h angefangen zu schneien, so weit wurde es seit dem heftiger und mehr'' bleibt zwar noch nicht auf der strasse liegen aber sowas passiert eh grossteils ueber nacht'' evtl gibts morgen delay wenn nich sogar snowday (was dann aber schade waere, weil damit wuerde die prom-assembly mit bekanntgabe von prom king, queen, prince princess.. ausfallen ) delay waere genug um den stundenplan zu kuerzen und wenn dann noch assembly ist.. waere jede stunde vll 30 min lang'' was ja wie nichts ist''
fuer heute wurden jdfls alle sportevents rescheduled.. das heisst bin um 3 uhr daheim'' weiss nicht so ganz was ich tun soll.. aber immerhin erleichterung.. hatte schon schiss bei der kaelte im skirt und shirt tennis spielen zu muessen.. grmlz unser erstes away game gegen sand creek.. ein ander mal bei gutem wetter dann..
zumal morgen dann wohl auch kein training sein wird.. hatten wir dann diese woche nur 2 mal training und letzte woche war ich ja auch nur 3 mal.. donnerstag krank, freitag ausgefallen... na toll.. wohin mit der energie?? da fehlt voll was.. gestern wars so geil.. hatten richtig tolle ballwechsel. .aber naja...

bis-nach prom *freuuuuu*

12.4.07 23:54

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