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Hey my loved once at home:)

A Beautiful good morning
just read kathrins email. Sounds fun what you experience in wisconsin:D but well i havent heard about people who play so stupid games here, though i haven/t seen a trainline here where they could do that... i m sorry for your hostfamily..
First of all. how was your weekend at home? 12er Party + Funzelfahrt.. ohhooo i d love to have a teleporter and come home just for this weekend:D

but mine was nice so far, too. The babysitting was fine though aidan started to cry for.. i guess 15 minutes as loud as he could when i told him to turn of the game cube'' bianca immediately ran to the phone and called her parents.. aidan is not listening to tanja and she doesnt know what to do..''' THANK YOU GIRL ```:D but i just carrried him to the sink and brushed him his teeth (first time in my life that i brush s.ones teeth:D:D) and then well i just let him cry`` bianca was a cutie:D she wanted to play cat with me.. so i was the owner and told her to wash her fishy stinki mouth:D and it worked:D:D
waking up on saturday, i felt like it was a sunday to me.. i was so lazy and was running around in pajama(the word looks strange in AE) I continued designing my Spirit shirt and well i m really happy with the result I will send a photo soon

The evening was just great, Alex, a boy from my English class picked me up, and actually we wanted to meet some other friends in the mall.. but though his cell phone is bust we couldn't reach them and we didnt find them either so it was just the two of us and we had so much fun:D he s really the kind of person i like to hang out with:D we went to chappel hills mall again, just walked around, talked, he showed me all the cool shops and i already though about buying christmas presents and have a couple of nice ideas now! We also went to a BIG BIG HAlloween store! THey had All Kinds of stuff ! Alll spooky, scary and so many masks, costumes and moving and talking figures! I cant wait for halloween:D:D Alex is a reall american:D He talks so fast, and uses a lot of slang words:D so i sometimes was just guessing, though i didnt understand half of the words:D but usually i got the sense out of it:D he told me that people usually start to decorate there houses in the middle of october, and that you can visit hunted houses and that he and his friends are going to watch scary movies after walking around trick or treat with there little sibblings (as excuse:D) and somebodys house and that of cause i m invited too YEHA:D:D
Then we had dinner at BUffalo Wings and it was SO AMAZING!! And soooo jammi:D:D It is like a sports restaurant, there were big screens everywhere and we watched a football game.. well he was the 5th peson or so who tried to explain the rules to me:D:D and ate hot spicy chicken wings JAMMII
Well everything was fun, until we arrived at my home:D he wanted to bring me to the door of my house but unfortunately we both locked the car door.. and well his keys were still inside:D this was at 11 pm:D
so anders drove him to his appartement, to get his second keys which .. somehow.. didnt fit into the door, so he had to call the lockerpeople, who needed over an hour to come and unlock his door in 20 seconds:D While waiting i fell asleep'' and he couldn't go h0me until 1 o clock or so:D i felt so sorry for my hostdad who stayed awake all the time thought he had already been sleeping when we arrived.. he really helped us a lot, anders is awesome..

Now it s a beautiful sunday morning, i am making my plans for next weekend.. guess kristina and i are going to have dinner with alex, joey and their friends before homecoming ball, sure thats gonna be fun,
in half an hour i leave for cultural food club meeting . were going to have lunch in an greek restaurant downtown..

bye bye love you,
hope you re spending nice time Mum and Dad

Kiss Tanja
1.10.06 18:42

Powder Puff +

"...Exchange is about learning that large parties don't
necessarily mean a good time. Learning that loneliness doesn't go away in a crowd..."
wie wahr wie wahr.. heut war mal wieder so ein abend..
powder puff und lagerfeuer und carbash.. so ziemlich die ganze schule war da, ich hatte mich eigentlich riesig drauf gefreut.. aber es waren so viele leute und ich hab kaum einen gekannt . und das nach 2 monaten und 1 tag.. stand neben asya und ihren freunden, neben rachael und ihren friends, bei sarah und page.. und irgendwie.. kam ich mir so verdammt outsider vor..hab eigtl die meiste zeit nur dumm nebendran gestanden um nich irgendwo allein rumzustehn und hatte einfach keine ahnung was ich sagen sollt.. wow kam ich mir super looser vor.. das is wahrscheinlich auch n wichtiger teil vom austausch.. so erfahrungen zu machen.. aber muss ich denn grad so nen stimmungstief und nur noch die freunde von daheim vermisse.. denk was die wohl gerade machen.. haben wenn eins der highlights der homecoming week im gange ist?? natuerlich.. waer ja sonst nicht ich.. und diese zwei kerlz da, die kumpels von asya mit denen wir bei wendys warn, warn zwar ganz lustig, aber mensch.. die scheinen bisserl haengen geblieben zu sein.. kam mir vor wie ein spielzeug.. heyy kifft ihr in deutschland, warst du schon mal besoffen, warst du ma in amsterdam.. was heist "suck my dig in german" boff..."" und die habens mir echt abgekauft, als ich gesagt hab .. klaro wir kiffen auch in der schule, habn sogar n unterrichtsfach wo wir lernen wie man die grossen papers richtig rollt.. .. wat soll man dazu sagn??
jedenfalls war das powderpuff game nicht so der reisser.. die maedels sind halt hin und her gerand, und ich denke den meisten spass hat man einfach wenn man mitspielt.. ich hatte das ja irgendwie verrafft und nicht kapiert was das ist, bis es zu spaet war und ich mich nicht mehr anmelden konnte.. die maennlichen cheerleader in ihren roecken und tops .. waren einfach laecherlich.. aber eigtl auch lustig.. naja ich hab geschlottert trotz warmen pulli.. ja dann warn wir bei wendys, als wir wieder gekommen sind, war die party im gange, riesiges lagerfeuer, recht gute musik. haette gerne getanzt aber irgendwie hat ich da mal so wieder meine hemmungen 100% moi... bin bisserl durch die gegend gewartschelt und naja car bash.. eigtl recht sinnlos.. altes auto angepinselt mit cheers "go eagles" "give them the beak" und fuer einen dollar durfte man mitm langen hammer 2 mal draufhauen.. sinn?? naja..
werd mal fotos hochladen.. sorry beccy denk mal es ist jetzt zu spaet um noch bei dir anzurufen-werde mich dann morgen melden..

buenas noche
5.10.06 05:02

Homecoming Weekend

right now i m a little pissed off because i just wrote a loooong loong essay, was almost done with it, but somehow i pushed the wrong button on the keyboard and everything was deleated and i cant get it back.. so i have to write everything again.. well here we go...
my weekend was amazing, but let me start on friday morning.. it was spirit day at our school and most of the students were wearing the schoolcolors and many wore self made shirts.. so did asya and i! of cause we got and made a lot of compliments to other "designers" and so most of us were walking around with a smile on face
instead of seminar we had a homecomingassembly! it was sooo breathtaking!! the gym was decorated, there was a red carpet and a little castle-like-looking podium and the stands for each classes! It began with the float parade and some seminar classes took this really serious! they built castles and dragons and catapults and what ever it looks great! well my seminar class did not even show up with our float because nobody went to get it:D it was a mess anyway:D and i wanted to take pictures instead of pulling our ugly something over the red carpet.. unfortunately the fotos didnt come out well though it was to bright for flash and to dark for without.. a pitty..
the cheerleaders (which is really a biiiiig crowd!!) showed their performance and i was impressed how elastic and artistic they are!! they did not show all there skills at the footballgame! but in the gym they had the security floor and did things like scorpion (sounds difficult and is even more! ) and great jumps .. it was just amazing.. the dance team, consisting out of 4 girls only.. did a good job too! I was surprised how many boys were in the choir which sang the national anthem! it sounded fantastic! i d love to join the choir but as it s either a class and my schedule is already full. or a club which has try outs, i dont think i can... thought i m a shower singer and have no experiences at all in choir singing..
Finally the highlight took place! One after the other, the ten nominated homecoming -counts (freshmen) -dukes (sophmores) -prinz/princess (junior) and king and queens (seniors) walked, jumped, danced along the red carped to the podium were the winners of each class accept king and queen were announced.! The winners got a crown and a lot of applause only the senior winners would be announced in the evening during half time of the football came!! isnt that a good advertising for the 2 dollars entry costing game?:D
In the end we did the schoolspirit cheer contest, every class had to SHOUT the "GIVE m the BEAK" cheer, and the class that did it the loudest got the honour to keep the school's spirit stick during the football game:D well it actually looks like a broomstick with an eagel on the top but it doesnt matter that its rediculous:D it s the honour that counts:D of cause WE seniors won, like most of the time we do:D I think it would be great to have something like this in germany. it gives such a strong feeling of togetherness.. and even the king and queen elections stuff is just .. fun, cool and so much show.. it makes you as school feel like a comunity and somehow special.. i m sure that i will miss that back in germany.. but i don t want to think about that .. it s so much time left to go..
after school asya straightned my hair:D guess it was the first time for me and i really liked it:D again we dressed up even more in school colors, improved our shirts and colored our faces PC green and blue.. , picked up Leanne, one of asyas friends.. who is ditsy and therefore almost funny.. it was a hard time for me to not start laughing out loud while she was talking and than all of a sudden started to sing a song as loud as wrong !! :D but she s nice.. :D
luckyly it wasnt as cold out like it was during my last and first football game..so it was much more fun to watch, walk around look for people i know.. which are a lot more than after the first two weeks .. during the half break they rolled out a red carpet , and the counts, dukes and princes got introduced.."Katelen is a sportif girl, she likes doing... and in future she wants to .... " :D:D just like in .. "Miss undercover":D :D such a big show!! all the girls were wearing dresses and the boys suits.. well accept the footballplayers.. like blake who got homecoming prince.. he still wore his footballuniform of cause:D most of the elected people were football players.. what a surprise'':D but man .. they are so hot.. and well kaddy-- the ones i know are not dumb like in the movies .. not at all!
2 and a half hours of playing.later ... jup football games are ennndless!! though a quarter goes 12 minutes.. they only count the played minutes .. so the game may run for 15 seconds and then again they talk and change places for five minutes during which the time is not count, Pine Creek had dominated Pueblo West by 27:7 ! After the game i went with kyle and some of his friends, though kyle had invited me to his birthday party. first we stopped at joes (?) house and played a game of pool.. well i love american houses:D really almost everyhouse i ve been to has so much entertainment stuff in the basement and of cause a huuuuuuuge tv:D beside the pooltable, they had ahh i forgott the name.. das pfeile auf die runde scheibe werf ding.. scat? ne aber irgendsowas.... and a chesstable and a scrabble table...
robert,kyle and i went on to kyle s house, were i was happy to see sarah, who is in my english class. we havnt talked that much so far but on friday we really got along great! there were to other girls and a cuple of guys.. sarah and i played [ping pong .. yeah, in kyles basement they have a ping pong table., some work out stuff.. strange and violent looking:D and an even more huge tv.. :D At 11. something all the girls had to leave at once because of their strict curfew.. unfortunatly i had already told kyle i had to be home at 12.. so it would have been unpolite to ask him to bring me home earlier.. well the girls had left, the parents went to sleep and the boys turned off the playstation and took out 12 cups and 2 bottles of beer "gannngstaa" light beer.. i know i feel bad about what i m going to write.. arrogant and unappreciatively.. but it was just so funny to me.. yes i know they have these laws.. and yeah they are different in this case but it was.. so.. funny to me.. not being able to stop thinking of the hang out nights with my friends in germany.. *hehe* ::::::::::::::DDDDDDDDDDDDd though it was his 18 and they made two teams, on each side of the pingpong table they put 6 cups, arranged the two beerbottles in those cups , filled it up with red bull.. i tasted the beer, and was close to spill it out again.. and than i tasted the redbull-beer mix and i just wanted to run to throw up.. .. The team tried to throw a pingpong ball into the opponents cup and if they got it the others had to drink it.. well first the teams were only 2 people each... they asked me to join them but though it tasted just grows i didnt feel like drinking anymore at all... and i did not want to be the german girl who wants to be cool showing the american boys how much she can drink.. i dont need that.. thought i got the feeling that kyle had expect me to do that.. asking me at least 5 times to join them.. well after one lab.. the looser group started to burp all the time and laughing and getting all excited, acting drunk.. i was close to start laughing again but kept myself together.. well i mean it was a really nice evening, i liked it a lot, the guys and girls were really nice to me and it it very important to me to get to know more people and maybe get more friends .. i dont want to be that dependend on the few friends i normally hang out with.. thought i know they had a life before i came and still have other friends to take care off and maybe do not always want me to be arround.. thats what got pretty clear to me saturday night.. .. so i was happy to hear kyle saying. you should hang out more often with us, you re welcome ..
ah americans are great.. soo nice and friendly.. but well there is a difference and some things i miss but i ve only been here since two months annnnnd 4 days.. things like feeling close to friends, being important to each other needs more time to grow.. i am so happy that kristina lives so close to me and we can visit each other!! that helps me a lot to keep me away and get me up of the floor when i sometimes am very sad about this.. being a stranger.. being just someone it s nice to talk to, and having bad feelings because i sometimes think mean about people that are so nice to me.. it was so good to talk with kristina about this.. and now knowing that she is facing the same problems and that this is probably just a part of being an exchange student.. i dont think that somebody who does not experience this on his own can really understand that.. it is.. an unknown situation and something i will have to learn how to deal with if i want to have succes and fun during this year..
9.10.06 05:57

Teil 2 --Homecoming weekend

... so it it finally got saturday... day of the homecoming dance i was so excited!! we picked up kristina at 11 am . who was going to spend the two days with us. we went over at brianas were we started our biology project- cell city// representing a cell in form of a city. in our case a mediaevil city in form of a cake it was so much fun because the americans have soooo much stuff to decorate cakes:D frosting is this stuff called,, in many different colors.. i m going to upload fotos of our CYTO-Ville and wow i m looking forward to an A for this project which is 20 % of our grade:D:D and to eat it in class of cause:D
the time went by sooo quickly and it already was 3 pm =time to get ready for going out at 7 pm.. We had so much fun:D krissi brought her curling stuff.. so we both curled our hair, and colored our nails and what ever, asya came over and borrowed some earrings , we took some "making of " fotos:D well and than at 7 o clock of cause to early.. thought krissi and i had not yet taken the final fotos:D alex came to pick us up.. No it was not date thing, just a friend hang out thing.. thought i got the feeling .. it was a date.. grr .. well how to make that clear to a guy who invites you to dinner thought you wanted to pay on your own.. and than of cause wants to dance with you slow . though you just wanted to dance wild and free and ALLONE with some friends.. boaff..
we were 4 people, kristina, alex, math and I , and we had a lot of fun, talked a lot and well it was just very nice.. we had dinner at apple bees; a marvelous delicious place to go to! when the waitress asked us how we wanted to have the bill i said for each person please.... though it was no date thing.. she madly looked at alex and math who did not get the situation:D and said.. my gosh you are two boys.. let the girls pay on their own.. tsssss... " thinking it was a date..``
well when kristina and i came back from the bathroom they had paid.. well fine.. :D good for us.. hehe
so we arrived at school just in the perfect time,, 40 minutes after it started, so it was already pretty filled and the ambiance was fantastic! It was soo amazing! the girls all were so beautIful dresses! they really have a nicer choice here as in germany..
and it was a loong line to come in .. they had decorated the entrance to the cafeteria like the entrance to a castle with a drawbridge and black curtains... than the light in the cafeteria was dimmed and they had a lot of tables to hang out. a "all for free" concession buffet and water and lemonade to drink , of cause a fotographer but the background was just do .. kitchig for me.. roses and boho well more for lovers... and well it was funny to see they even had a screen showing the footballgame'' that was on tv at that time.."""
then we entered the gym, which they had divided into two parts, so that it would not be to big, and first we had to go along a long corridor, with pictures of teachers wearing a crown on the black curtain walls, like the pictures of old kings and queens in a castle.. rose leafes on the floor.. soooo pretty and dreamy and like in a fairy tale:D the dance floor was sooooo coool:D flash light and color light, the whole floor was covered, and they had a biiig dj pult, and had engaged a real DJ who most of the time played music it was good to dance to even with a "german sense" of good music.. yeah i know this might sound .. stupid.. but it is just a fact.. i cannot imagine german people freaking out if you hear .. i thing DJ bobos.. satisfaction (???) .. this DA da di BA bA badaba .. da da di baba badada .. well kristina and i were just rolling our eyes but the americans all JUMPEd into the middle of the crowd.. pushing and boxing each other to come into the middle, putting there one arm and one finger into the air and JUMP all the time.. when the song started krissi and i were right in the middle and we coudnt come out of it fast enough.. .. than of cause.. it was mendatory for a highschool dance.. kacken i joe (>>who cares how to write that .. it s a stupid song.. everyone of my friends in germany would agree with me.. but not so here.. " ) lining up behing each other, holding their shoulders and jumping through the room.. like we love to to on carneval.. they call this "train" was what they did.. i was so close to start screaming:D:D well we took the time and got something to drink.. unfortunatley most of my friends had a date and i dont know .. i did not have the feeling they really wanted to hang out with me.. well i can understand that they have other friends too and i m just the exchange student.. so i was havin fun with kristinga.. trying to get away from our "not date dates```" with whom we did not really want to dance with.. i know it s mean but .. well maybe some girl will understand me.. there is a difference between friend and dance friend and what ever.. and they did not seem to get it and i felt mean and ungracefully and well but i really did not want to and grr.. than krissi and i felt bad that all the cute guys were there with a date of cause.. so we had to dance on our own all the time.. well an other stupid thing of being exchangestudent.. at least in my case.. being on ones own if you do not want to run after the others all the time.. only the one kind of people is really truelly nice to you and open and what ever.. but well you do not always want to be with them.. it s a strange situation.. and makes me feel superficially.. but i want to see those, who are now sitting in front of their computer thinkin.. aha it was so sure.. she has change so much into the bad and is fallen into american prejeduces.. what ever what .. how they would act! It is not always easy, but i do not know what to do else.. as i wrote in the other essay.. i will have to learn how to deal with that because for sure running away is no long time solution..
still it was a fantastic night, we had a lot of fun! i do not even now to what i can compare this.. they had 2 biiiig screens next to the dJ pult showing the music videos of the songs he played (yeah it s great to be on a "rich school" )
ah ja and it was funny because most of the girls came in mega highheels and after 15 minutes they brought their shoes to the garderobe and danced on barefood. but i thought this was just discusting because i cant count in how many chewing gums i stept with my shoes while dancing.. many people are really grows and just spilled them onto the dancing floor.. and well most girls were dancing barefood.. JUmmi....
asya brought us home, she had this really really cute guy date who was nice in addition to that! well krissi and i talked a lot and fell a sleep still having curls and all the mascara on our eyes.. that s how it is supposed to be'''

sunday (not before 11.30h :D ) we played a few strategy games with anders and val, was a lot of fun, than we took care of the children while the two went to the YMCA ..watching beauty and the beast! the music is so much better in english when they came back krissi and i went shopping in the chappel hills mall and wow we had succes:D but unfortunatly krissi had to leave early because her stupid truble making area rep wanted to finally meet her from one second to the other after two months of doing nothing though she is supposed to talk to her once a week.. i am so glad that i m here with kompass and pie.. though i really have the feeling they take good care of me, and if i would have problems they could help me to solve them!
but i do not have problems at all! my hostfamily and i get along so well and we are getting close to each other, the kids are becoming my sibblings.. and it is such a good feeling.. of cause they will never replace my family at home!! *I love you!* and you know that you are unique!! but they become my american family how it is supposed to be like.. it could not be better for me.. i have to be thankful to pie who chose this family ..
now it s late.. maybe i ll upload some fotos .. maybe you ll have to wait for tomorrow sorry *gaehnz*
9.10.06 06:49

WEtter in Colorado Springs

.. ist einfach verrueckt!
gestern morgen war alles weiss als ich wach geworden bin! hat die nacht durch geschneit! und es war so super kalt, .. mittags war dann alles schon wieder geschmolzen.. aber so in 2 wochen werden wir wohl das erste mal skifahren gehen
heute war es dann wieder super warm und ich hab im spaghetti top im garten gelegen.. war heut auch nicht in der schule weil ich von dem ganzen heftigen wetterumschwung irgendwie heftig kopfweh bekommen habe.. aber jetzt ists wieder gut

bye bye kiss Tanja
12.10.06 01:55

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