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Give them the beak!!

Lets go Eagles Lets go... Lets go PINE CREEK lets go!!
MY FIRst football game!! absolutely amazing!! although it was the opponent's homegame, it took place in the District20 stadium and there were a lot more fans from our school than from their!! I could almost say the whole school was at the first footballgame of this year!!
WOW and most of the people were dressed up in either in green/blue/white-schoolcolors, or had painted faces ahh so cool:D:D I wore my new pine Creek hoodie:D i love this thing! it was terribly cold, I stubborn wor short pants and my leg were unbelieveble freezing! but the hoodie kept me warm:D:D
HEHE and i saw real cheerleaders:D they were bouncing up all the time, animating the crowd(us) it was fun, Move ya body.. PINe creek swing.. hehe .. first i though .. wow dont they feel a little bit stupid.. they often did the same things.. nothing really spectacular.. and in addition to that the had to wear short skirts and i really didnt want to be in their position as everybody was freezing:D but then suddenly some of them made 6 backhandjumps one after the other!! wow that made respect!! I asked Ashley to take me to a cheerleading competition.. i really want to see this.. It is just like in the movie "girls united bring it on" (one of my favorits..)

AND OUFF the hot guys.. :"D"D arriva.. just take a look at the pictures and you know what i mean I didnt really get the rules.. something about moving 10 yards.. it seemed to be violant .but it was enough to know.. when the people around you cheer.. do as them do``
Half brake was interesting to! They make such an event out of a footballgame!! They should do this for soccer too in germany!!
So the marching band came up which is soooo big! over 70 people for sure!! even more more more.. and in addition there were some girls moving flags around them.. pretty.. but noone really took care of them``
The other team was in advantage but THEN during the LAST FINAL SECOND!! our team scored!! THey got 3 extra minutes during which we won!! AND THENN IT was soo loud in the stadium that you could not here your own shouting anymore!! the cheerleaders made up two lines and between them the footballplayers sat down and than they sang a song which i didnt know (but i i'm proud that i know the schoolcheer "Give them the beak" meanwhile.. )
I m sure there was a great party going on but Asya, Megan(a friend of her) and I had to leave because the traffic later would be tooooo bad.
so i m home.. still have to write an chapter outline (20pages) and article .. and learn for the test.. its almost 10.30h i m tired, ill and it s gonna be a loooong night.. dammn... but THEN ITS WEEKEND!! and on thuersday i m hear for all ready a whole month and i cant believe that it is already !! there are so many other new things coming up in the future! so happenings to join and woow i m going to make soooo great experiences! I m so glad to be hear, i thought about it in the car.. I still cant believe it.. but WOW :D i m so looking forward to christmas time which starts here at the end of october! the neighbourhood is so pretty and imaging all the christmas decoration and lights I already am in "sitting on the couch, trinking hot chocolate and watching the snow falling in front of the window" mood

but i really have to work now.. check out the new photos

love you all so much and i wished you could be here and see all this.... well some of you will do at the end of september(?) in wilmont they are all ALREADY talking about the homecoming ball! and in "seventeen" you can ALREADY read about "how to get the perfect homecoming make up" :D the spirit week is gonna be sooo exciting but i ll have to go shopping in advanced.. asya told me they have for example a 80s day and every body is dressed up like in the 80s.:D ah yeah they are all wearing satin-strings in their hair.. thats really pretty and easy to do on your own.. annnd what i thing is not that nice to look at.. pants with laaaaaaaaaarge legpart seem to be IN as well as leggins under skirts.. wuaaa i dont like it:D

Good night sleep well.. i guess i wont..

kiss Tanja

ah yeah and the highschoolspirit feeling already started in the morning when all the footballplayers and cheerleaders came in their uniforms to school, and the crosscountrypeople too, they had a race but the c.c.boy's uniform is ugly:D as most of these boys.. on the other side the footballplayers.. jammi.. ok i know it sounds very klischee but its a matter of fact that they are hot:D
1.9.06 06:27

laaanges Wochenende:)

ist was gaaanz tolles!
Freitag abend wollten Rachel und ich eigentlich mit Valerie und 2 ihrer freundinnen einen Salsakurs belegen, nachdem wir aber 30 min Downtown gefahren sind, wurde uns an der tuer gesagt, dass man uns nicht reinliesse, da wir nicht 21 sind.. also sind val+friends ohne uns gegangen und rachel und ich zur videothek:D haben dann All for my luck girlsnight gemacht und es war echt mal wieder super! ..
Gestern mittag haben wir beide autos vollgestopft mit leuten:D meine Hostfam, 2 freunde von Bjorn und Briana und Ich , und sind zum Bowling center gefahren! Das war so ein spass! hab sogar abgeraeumt obwohl ich sonst so schlecht in bowling bin:D
heute ist absolut super wetter, waren in einem canyon wandern ("hiking") und ich hab mir n leichten sonnenbrand geholt:D aber es hat sich wirklich gelohnt! super super schoen! waehrend der fahrt hab ich ien wenig mehr von colorado gesehen! eine bison farm und ganz viele pferderanches! wow hier muss es so toll sein zu reiten! das wuerde ich ja so gerne mal machen! Riesig weite Grassflaechen, nadelwaelder .. wundervolll!!
werde jetzt noch in der hollywoodschaukel im garten chillen, und die selfmade pizza geniessen.. .. heute abend steht marshmellows und lagerfeuer an

byebye my loves!!

kiss Tanja
4.9.06 00:05

Clubs, Aktivitaeten-->beschaeftigungstherapie

heyhey ..
hab ja voll was wichtiges vergessen``
am freitag haben sich alle clubs der schule vorgestellt und man konnte sich eintragen, was ich doch gleich mal wahrgenommen habe..
Bin jetzt also im digital-Photography-club, die auch an einem wettbewerb teilnehmen werden, im PingPong club mit ein paar bekannten, wird bestimmt ganz lustig bei der gruppe , ausserdem im culture food club, es hoert sich interessant und leckaaa an, selber kochen, in restaurants gehen und viel babbeln,, vll wollen sie ja mal was deutsches probieren`` ausserdem sind da sehr nette leute drin , oehm achja unnnnd auch wenn sich das weniger reizvoll anhoert im ersten moment: geoching: da rennt man anscheinend mit einem GPS peiler durch die gegend und sucht irgendwas.. i have no clue what .. but the woman told me that they go to different parks in Colorado, and so I though it might be very interesting for me as exchangi to see a little bit more of the beautyful countryside.. If I meet Franziska (other German girl ) i ll ask her to join too, together it might be more fun.. i m excited..
This might sound as if i would be very busy in future, but some of the clubs meet only once a month oder at least not weekly.. so it should work and if i dont like something, it is not mendatory to come to the meetings.. it is JUST for FUN
wednesday: first meeting la cross exciiiiting~!!!!!
4.9.06 06:50


Hey hey my loves!
this has been a loooong long day that slowly comes to its end.
First I want to tell you about the american way how to write a math class test, what we did yesterday.. As you know we have 90 minutes of math, during the first 45 minutes we controlled our homework, she answered questions and repeated all the stuff that had been a little bit difficult, and in addition she said things like.. i dont want you to know this for the test, but i ll ask you That... ... than sb. asked what is the answer to that and she showed us AGAIN how to do it, on the bord... than she asked a hundred times whether there were any more questions, and finally we got our 3 pages class test cheats. It was A B , so that we couldnt cheat, but there was no need for this, it was not that difficult. I really would not have needed to learn at home.. although she repeaded everything a few minutes before the test`` it is absolutely not comparable to the panic that is in a German class before we write a test:D ah ja and I though it is funny, that they wrote with pencils (=Bleistift!!!!!) and noone cared, how they got to their results, there was just a little space to put it in, but no space to make the countings.. funny isnt it? imagine mr. weiler...`````lol
in biology we did a lot of chemistry today.. ive always been bad in it and so i wasnt that happy to recognize it today.. happy to be rid of it i ve already forgotten all the basics, so i felt a little stupid and ashamed when we talked about atoms, protons, neutrons and electrons and i couldnt really remember the details, although we had studied it so hard...
History was interesting to, The teacher is amazing, he always leads to interesting discussions in class, last time we talked about the declaration of independence, which says that people should be allowed to do everything (as long as it doesnt touch an other persons rights ) to reach happiness.. so he pointed up the issue, whether it is ok that the government prohibits adults to take drugs, to smoke pot....
Today the discussion was about the war of independence, in comparison to the war of vietnam and the war of iraq. It was pretty interesting to hear the different opinions, and the statement in acordance to bush's politics. Most of the pupils were not happy with the situation, but they also said, it makes no sense to fight him, because if they would really win the war, what doesnt seem to be that presumably at the moment, it would bring many many good things for America with it. I guess by discussions like that i can learn a lot.
In French we read an article about "les 'emeute dans les banlieues de la france en 2005" and through this we came to talke about the fact that foreigners often think of america, as the country in which EVERY PERSON has a gun. So we compared the reasons for this, with the fact that in France and in Germany for example it is forbidden but that still things like The shooting in the school in Trier a few years ago, happen.
As you see they often involve me in this discussions, more than I already involve myself, through aksing me about the situation in germany, or the opinion of a foreigner...

School finishes at 2.13h and La Cross started at 15.30.. so i had a lot of time to hang out at school, didnt even have homework that i could do..boff

but la cross was so much fun:D we got protection googles, a la cross ball and a rocket borrowed by the school, it really looks terrible:D The coaches and the other girls are SO NICE!!! everyone of them so far!! that is going to be so much fun!! and i guess it can be really hard if you play a whole game about ttwo times 25 minutes!! you have to run, defend your opponent (a bit like basketball) pick up the ball with the rocket, throw it to your teammates, run run run and goal:D its cool:D

so i guess it will storm hard tonight.. it started to rain and there are a lot of lightning, but that s normal here,, there are lightning very often!

i have to learn and do homework..
bye bye love you all so much!!
Kiss T anja
7.9.06 03:07

Friday night at home and THank You!

Hey my German loves! :D
it s friday night, it s terrible cold outside but it s also the night of the second football game of the season and i would have free entrance as i have my student activity card. Yeah I would have, if i would have found a way to come to the stadium... But somehow nobody out of my neighborhood goes there.. "i have balley, "i ve swimming" it s to cold!" and my hostparents are out for dinner, leaving the two small children at kid s night at the ymca. I m here with bjorn, a friend of him and schniieeef, i even can t phone to germany, or chat with somebody, because nobody is awake by now... you are all having wonderfull dreams as i hope.
So i ll spend the night, watching dvds and running on the treatmile! yeah today i ll start to train and to get fit!! for la cross:D:D

and by the way, i just checked my emails, and answered them... i want to say THANK YOU!! Thank you for all the cute and nice emails, to those of you who write me almost everyday, weekly or well to those who write i think i would die because of homesickness, if you wouldnt tell me everything that s going on at home, so that i somehow feel, like beeing with you! I really miss you! mum ,dad, andi , ayko, friends, but i m having such a great time here that being sad would absolutly be the wrong reaction. I m happy to have you all back when I return and it is something new and surely a challenge to keep the friendships only through mailing and chatting alive! But it seems to work very well, although one month has already passed and we are still have fantastic contact! i hope it will go on like this! I love you and i need your news!
maybe i am strange.. compared to what two friends that are also exchange students told me, who dont dare to phone home or to have to much contact, because they are scared of missing them to much after it.. well it is just the opposite for me..

I hope you all enjoy your weekend, as I heard you are having nice weather at home lucky you tomorrow i ll go to this town very up in the mountains were it is supposed to snow, with racheil s parents who invited me to join them to see and cheer their kids (who have already travelled there today) cross country race. It will be a beautyful drive and a very nice view and be sure, that nice pictures will be waiting for you


9.9.06 03:15

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