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Letzte Tage daheim + Horror Koffer packen

SOS die letzten 2 Tage daheim. . gestern abend war letztes mal Winzerfest für mich.. Und es hat geschüttet und wir waren pitsche nass und alles war kreuz und queer und einige sind gar nicht gekommen und andere hab ich nicht gefunden und so muss ich jetzt wohl gehn ohne ihnen tschüs gesagt zu haben.. und irgendwie fühl ich mich voll unwohl und aufgewühlt.. Nach ein paar wenigen stunden schlafen bin ich heut morgen um 9 wieder heimgecrused und dann mit meiner family noch mal essen gegangen. ne tolle pizzaria.
Daheim ging dann der Grauen des Kofferpacken los.. Hab ja gestern schon ein paar stapel gemacht und festgestellt, das passt niemals alles da rein.. aber jetzt , TROTZ nochmaligem aussortieren zu sehen , dass es immer noch nicht passt ist .. dumm...habe zwei koffer, der eine sollte nur mit gastgeschenken gefüllt werden, damit ich auf dem rückweg platz für neue sachen habe.. aber der andere koffer ist schon rand voll und ich hab bis jetzt weder unterwäsche noch schuhe noch kleinkram drin! Daswird was.. mein kopf raucht .. ich steh total neben mir und hab keine lust koffer zu packen.. wär jetzt am liebsten mit meinen freunden irgendwo gemütlich am chillen und karten spielen oder so. aber sicher nicht hier im zimmer wo alles absolut abschied ist.. geh jetzt noch gleich zu meinen großeltern und hoffe dass ich heut abend noch mal wegdarf um ein paar leutz zu treffen.. *schnieeeef+
und noch dümmer ist, dass ich seit 4 tagen nix von meiner gastfam gehört hab.. och man..

adios ..~+
6.8.06 17:40


Hy my loves, i think i ll write in englisch because i dont want to write german after talking englisch the whole day long because it makes a loooooott of fun!!
well i arrived well and this family is sooooooooooooo fantasic!! i alreadz love them!!
So i ll tell you from the day before i left, i guess its the best way to start (sry if i make spelling mistakes the tastature (???) is different here)
a pitty that kathrin couldnt come arround.. but rebecca did in the afternoon and when lena wanted to come it was my dads idea that she might stay over night and join us to the airport ))))))))) we had dinner in the garden like i always love it to do , and then thomas joined us and we drank DJerbas, a kreuterschnaps i brought from ibiza later thomas left, my parents went to bed and lena and i chatted with steffen and it was sooo cool of him..-> at 1 am he called a taxi and came arround with helge!! it really was the best thing they could do for that i had a beautiful last night in germany!!! it was so funny, we made the night trough and at four a clock we had to get ready for the airport..
lena my parents and I first went to the market in mainz, then to the airport were i had to open one of my perfectly filled suitcases*g* i only had 2kg overwaight (??) because against all the good thoughts in advance i had completly filled out both and not as i wanted to let one free for new things when i ll return.. i ll have to send a package.
so at 7.30 i met other exchangestudents from kompass and soon i had to say bye to my parents and to lena.. i tried to make it not that hard and not to think about how long 10 months can be, because i didnt want to cry.. because i m sooo happy that i get the possibility to do this exchange so it would be wrong to be sad to leave i think.. but still it was a sad and strange feeling..
well the check in took us 2 hours.. there were a lot of controlling we had to show our passport every few meters>D>D and than we had to go through emigration and they asked us stupid questions>D and again our carry bagage was checked and again passport"" just crazy''
then we entered the plane a lufthansa airbus .. great and cool with televisions and so on.. but sadly we couldnt sit together.. the other girls and i reallz got along great.. we changed emailadresses and i hope that we ll stay in contact!
so the flight from frankfurt to dallas was reeeeeeeeally boring.. i could even look out of the window, because i was placed between an old man and a not speaking boy`` there were two movies shown, and two meals (they really tasted good) were served.. the flight was about 11 hours!!! WOW half a day in a plane>D>D than we had to fill out forms for immigration and one for --zoll-- the americans are very strict with it, so if you wrote the seven once with a "strich" like i m used to do it.. you had to ask for a new form and start again.. it was just stupid and i felt like a stupid person because i had to start .. i dont know:D five , six times?? :D but the other exchanges did so too:D as i got to know later:D
so we arrived arround 3pm in dallas/texas it was 35 degrees celcius and there we travelled into different directions, we had to go through immigration controlling, fingerprinting, photo and controlling again.. zoll.. from now one i was on my very own and EVERYthing was in englisch now.. when i sat in the plane from dallas to denver some tears were falling down my eyes because i thought.. NOW its really starting.. and it s gonna become great!!

10.8.06 05:27

Arriving at my new home;)

sooo after two hours of flight which went over quickly because i now had a place at the window and could see dallas and texas from the sky which really was cool.. everything was try and looked flat.. but i soon fell asleep.. in german time it allready was .. .0.00h , at american time it was arround 4 pm / so there is a difference of 8 hours!!
WEll .. my whole new family was waiting for me at the bagage claim!! THEY ARE SOOO CUTE!!!! bianca gave me some flowers from there garden, anders and bjorn took my suitcase and they are really sooo nice!! every one of them!!!
ah yeah i guess i have to mention that i already got the impression that very many americans are veeeeeeeery nice! in dallas one of us didnt find the way to her gate, she asked one and he didnt only tell her the way-he went with her to bring her there and the same happened to me in dallas.. i didnt really know were to go and i asked a woman for the way and she was so nice and polite and searched with me for the bagage clime!! Great people here!!
so in denver twe did a lot of huges i felt so good to finaly meet them and they are really.. did i already mention sooo nice!!
we had dinner at Steakhouse // THEY HAVE SO MANY restaurants here!! FANTASTIC!! not only mc donalds--also healthy ones!! and i didnt notice that there are that many fat people! not more than in germany.. so i guess it s only a stupid prejudice or it only doesnt fit to colorado!! and even if:d as i noticed today(ill come to this later:D) here there is soooo delicious food! you have such a great choise!!
so we had dinner at steakhouse but i suddenly didnt feel well, i really got tiiiiiiiiiiired and only wanted to go to bed.. from one second to the other.. well it already was 3 am german time and i had been up for more than 40 hours..... hours full of action

Sooo we soon got home .. i fell asleep in the car and just woke up in the garage.. suddenly i was fit again:D:D i walked out the garage and it was just SO AMAZING!! SUCH A beautifull neighbourhood!! big houses, a quiet rode and you can see the mountains // the pine creek mountain from here.. it so beautifull... but it even got better we entered the house and first you come into a laaarge kitchen/living room. i guess my father would love it, they really have a great great kitchen// i ll send you photos papa! A Yeah and it s soo lively:D i was welcomed by two lovely funny very active west highlander dogs, just the ones like thomas has one but they dont bark at me""
so a beautiful house, the showed me my room, just next to the office/working room were the computerS are in! :D and it s so pretty i have a large bed, a mirrow, a ventilator on the ceiling.. and // MY OWN BATHROOM!! and WHAT sort of!! cool! big and pretty and just WOW !!
than they showed me their garden>D i dont know,,i cant find words for it! there are now fances between the neighbours gardens so you can just walk over, and its up on a hill so it goes down and down and you have a beeeeautyfull few on pines creek / the mountain range!!! in there garden they have their own playground for the children AND what i was really happy to see>D>D a BIG BIG TRAMPolin!! sooo cool>D>D i also noticed a barbecue it just sooo pretty; they also grow a few vegetables , like tomatos, which taste really good*g* .. after it we went into the basement, were the children live in/ they have a x box, a VERY lot of dvds and videos, a airhockey:D:D:D and a running sportequipment ,, i dont know the word/ A Laufband :D i always wanted to have one>D sooo cool
I feel like in a movie -really!! and in a not yet finished room they have a great white wall and a projector so that we will be able to watch dvds in great sice!!! but then i really was tired, didnt empack my suitcase, only fished out my pijama and fell asleep quickly.. but not before i thought about how lucky i am and to make a short call to my parents who were still in bed (.. 4 am in germany)
I really slept fantastic the bed is very comfortable mum
10.8.06 05:54

Going shopping is an adventure! -The first day!!

I got up early and we had breakfast together, cereals and tee! after it i gave my presents to them And they REALLY REALLY like them!! Bjorn is wearing the trikot all day long*g* and Valerie was happy about the cooking book and Anders, who is really interested in science was pleased to see the book about Gutenberg my god they are so friendly! we talk a lot , and i thing the kids are well educated, they have showcases with butterflys and different INsekten at the wall in the living room because anders collect them! and there a movies about maths, science, geography and everything.. then i went into the garden, jumping with the kids!! I REALLY like them already!! Aidan, the four year old boy came up and gave me a huge when he saw me and ah they are soo.. well cute and i love the dogs not as i love ayko but i love them too they are so lively. the cat einstein was scared of me and ran away in the morning:D
Later Valerie and I went to highschool office to registrate me, i ll be senior that means 12th grade and therefore graduation class!! cool and again the office people were so friendly! and wished me all the best and so on after registrating we went shopping at wal mart .. and well you truelly cant compare it to the one you ll find in germany.. its so BIG like everything is BIG in the USA!! even the "libellen" which fly arround here,, we found one and it was 15cm long!!!!! so you can really get everything at wallmart, but no adapter which transforms european electronics to american.. only the other way arround.. stupid that i had forgotten to bring it but we ll order it through the internet.. afterwards we went to an other REALLY big store.. only to buy organic milk>D it was a beautyfull one were you also could buy sandwiches (what we did for lunch) and again you had a GREAT choise between everything also between very good looking salades..
after it we went to the shopping mall.. it looks cool but we didnt buy anything..
returning home we were welcomed by valeries parents in law who stayed at denver and were visiiting for some hours, they also have 3 little children and live in dallas,"g' and we ll visit them over thanks giving ,, they too are soooo friendly!!
after that asya came arround who lives just next door.. shes cool and funny i hope we ll get along great! but she talked to much and this to quickly:D so i didnt get everything and in addition she was making jokes and that was just for much for me who was already tired again at 12 am!!! i made a siesta:D i forgot how it is called in english.. dammed.. well i sleeped untill 4pm:D we went shopping again:D again to an other big shop:D to buy vegetables and fruits.. they HAVE SUCH A GREAT Choise it s just amazing.. it s even more bigger than the SBK in oppenheim.. and i don t know... 70 different sorts of cereals for example ore .. 15 diffrent kinds of BEAGLES!! ohhh delicious!! and well also 13different kinds of apples.. i mean its just crazy:D afterwards we went to the library and i ll get my own card! you can borrow MAGAZines!! , books and DVDS for FREE!! so cool:D I also noticed that aidan (4) is a really gameboyjunkie:D i doesnt want to turn it off and if his parents do so he starts to cry:D but well he was tired i think
well we had dinner together, but Anders is on vacation untill monday and than he ll have a 7 days week again! so he rarely takes a day off and hes in a high position,, he ll soon travel to washington dc for work.. isnt it cool? but he really works a lot i guess..
but he s so cool:D he makes a lot of fun with everyone and he already installed my own computer account on windows xp.. I may use their webcam and heatset which are better than the ones i brought and they have internet flat rate and i ll be allowed to make use of the computer every time i want to , but i m not going to do it that much.. I already insalled msn and ICQ so my loves i hope we ll chat soon i already hang up my photos in my room ah yes. i showed them the cd with photos from at home and they were very interested, and impressed by the ruine of oppenheimer landskrone:D i showed them our picknick photos:D:D
I guess thats enough for the first day:D you just shoudl know that i m really feeling well and everything is fine tomorrow we ll go hiking and ah yeah i talked with them and asked if their are any spezial rule i ll have to follow and they are really easy going people. so they said things like curefew depent on the situation and the want me to have fun.. so i guess they think like you mum and dad and in the question of behavior and rulez there wont be that many differences to at home.. i guess it s really the best hostfamily i could come to!!
I want to thank you sooo much mum and dad that you give me the possibility to make these great experiences! I mean,, even going shopping in the supermarket already was an adventure! how will it be like at highschool, or at yellow stone park were well maybe go to in october ?? :D:D:D it s a 13 hours drive but they have a dvd player for into the car:D:D

I still havent empacked my suitcase, my clothes are spread on the floor of my room and i really should have arranged them untill tomorrow.. they say they dont care but i dont want to give them a bad expression of me.. but first i ll check my emails.. by listening to --Wir sind helden -- thank you rebecca it s 10,25 pm here so maybe my parents already got up so i ll call them before i go to bed:D my god you are so fare away!! and its such a strange feeling to know i ll be a new sister to bjorn aidan and biance.. and really will live her for 10 months.. but i thing it coudlnt be better than it is!! i m absolutly happy!!!

Bye BYe I love you!!!!

Yours Tanja
10.8.06 06:28

Garden of the Gods

Soo jetzt hab ich aber wirklich nachholbedarf! Hab ja schon lange nicht mehr geschrieben! Aber ich habe einfach gar keine zeit dafuer!! Und heute morgen wollte ich schreiben, hatte dann aber problem emit meiner hp… deswegen schreib ich jetzt mal in word vor…

Alsoooo Mittwoch abend hab ich das letzte mal geschrieben, ->donnerstag! Vormittags sind Bjorn, Anders, Bianca und ich zu dem nah-gelegenen Garden of the gods gefahren! Das ist ein Naturpark mit sehr schoenen Wanderwegen! Auf meiner Web.de fotohp findet ihr fotos!! Es war einfach beeindruckend! Garden of the gods ist eine Felsenlandschaft, ich glaube es gehoert sogar schon zu den rockies.. einfach toll die formen und roten farben! Dann sind wire in wenig den berg hochgefahren mit Anders Pickuptruck*g* und von da oben sah alles ganz anders aus!! Gekroent wurde das ganze mit einer Filmvorfuehrung im Touristencenter ueber die entstehung der Felsen.
Kaum daheim kam Asya rueber und hat mir angeboten mich mit zur Highschool zu nehmen, damit ich sie schon mal sehen koenne. Da war ich natuerlich sofort dabei, und wow das maedel ist 16 und faehrt nen Mercedes van!! Nicht schlecht wuerde ich sagen:D
Die highschool ist einfach rieeeeeeesig!! 1600 schueler in etwa!! Hammer oder? Und die sind alle zwischen 14 und 19 jahre alt!! Am Mittwoch dachte ich noch.. wow darin wirst du dich niemals nie zurechtfinden koennen!! Dazu kam dann noch, dass ich mir vorkam als haette ich einen knoten in der zunge! Konnte kaum reden.. und die Lehrer haben asya mit kuesschen und umarmung begruesst.. .. und die klassenzimmer sind sehr eigen gestaltet mit couch, familienfotos.. Die schule hat etwa 6 sportplaetze, fuer jede sportart einen!! Und einen rieeeeeeeeeesigen Parkplatz!! Weil die schueler ja alle emit dem auto kommen!
Abends haben wire in schoenes barbeque auf der Terasse gemacht, ich hab das erstemal roast beef gegessen*g* und fands echt lecker.. Hab noch kurz mit der 15 jaehrigen nachbarin gesprochen-briana, sie geht auch auf die Pine Creek Highschool.
Abends hab ich dann eeendlich und ewiglang noch meinen koffer ausgepackt.. und ja ich hab wohl wirklich zu viel zeug mitgenommen.. *g* da hatte der papa wohl doch recht….
13.8.06 16:41

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